The metallic material that we use can be applied in liquid form to various carriers and retains the natural properties of real metal. Using a special processing technique, it is possible to cover virtually any object, regardless of shape or size, with a real metal skin. This makes it very easy to produce shapes that up to now required a great deal of effort to manufacture from metal, if at all. Since the putty we use is an authentic material with a metal content of up to 90 %, it even begins to develop a natural patina over the course of time.

The flexible skin may be applied in various thicknesses, dried, then ground and subsequently processed in a number of different ways. For example, the surface can be polished to a large number of different gloss levels or simply left in its natural state - whatever the customer prefers. Another possibility is to treat it as an artistic inlay or set it into various structured surfaces and then brush it.

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