We would like to introduce our company as very special and unusual. We call ourselves Art Buiding Company. This is because we are team of hard working people, but working with heart and passion.
We specialise in wood and stone. Our carpentry work includes all kinds of  fitted cupboards, doors, stairs, floors, plastering, tiling, sprying, fencing and many others. We cover walls and floors with most beautiful Marmorinos, Stuccos, Tadelakts or hand made paintings. Our new and one the most exciting products soon will be special metallic material that can be applied in liquid form to various carriers. Please visit our gallery to see the samples of our work.
We have many years of experience in building industry which allows us to choose best quality materials and use cost effective technologies. Our care and professional approach gives our clients peace of mind and the unique feeling that the work is in right hands. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require quotation. We are always happy to give our customers constant support and advise.
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